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Family Dental Care
in San Francisco

Dr. Tuft has been providing comprehensive dental care to men, women, and children for more than 30 years.

One of the best things about being a general dentist is getting to know your patients over a series of years, and even lifetimes. Dr. Tuft has had many of her current patients since their formative years and now sees their children. She loves the diversity of the patients she sees at her practice and enjoys providing care for everything from biannual cleanings to Invisalign, root canals, and veneers.

In addition to comprehensive family dental care, she can also provide unique services for a general dentist including air abrasion, and anesthesiology when necessary.

Air Abrasion:

As an alternative to drills, Dr. Tuft uses an advanced air abrasion tool to gently remove decay when necessary. This avoids needles and is less painful for patients. The tool doesn’t create the drill noise that many patients have phobias of, and it makes it easier for them to remain calm and for procedures to be done quickly.

Anesthesiology when necessary:

Dr. Tuft offers several different short-term and long-term anesthetic options for different procedures. For more simple procedures like fillings, she offers a short-lasting, 45-minute anesthetic that covers pain during the procedure but allows patients to leave her office without numb faces—letting them easily return to work and speak properly. Dr. Tuft also offers nitrous oxide (laughing gas).